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Re: HOWTO submission (and QC)

> I submitted my " Online Troubleshooting Resources : HOWTO" on September
> 27th, 1999.

Yes. I've seen it. I even sent some comments to ldp-submit for perusal
by the LDP staff. But I didn't see any further action (note that there
was actually no need for such further action to reach me).

Since my assertion "I read and commented" may sounld like a
quality-control event, let me comment on the quality-control stuff,
and why I send comments back to the list.

When I comment on submitted docs I don't usually write directly to the
authors, as my comments are just personal opinions that may be wrong,
irrelevant or anything. So I just send them back the the ldp-submit
people. If my comments are considered useful they get forwarded.  I'm
re-sending them directly to you since nothing happened.  Note that I
am not "blessed" or anything: anyone can subscribe to ldp-submit.

And I don't feel like a "quality controller", either.  While talking
of QC may be a good advertizing term, I just feel ldp-submit
subscribers as people who get an early chance to read new documents
and provide feedback.  It's "early peer review" (and, for me, a way to
keep somehow uptodate), definitely not "censorship by ego-boosted
people". And my understanding is that documents get uploaded anyways,
independent of what ldp-submit says or doesn't say.

I'd better clarify my position, as my proposal for QC that was
forwarded to this list may sound very harsh to authors, especially
when provided documentation doesn't survive the ldp-submit step, like
this time. Also note that such proposal has never been approved.


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