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Re: free vs. non-free debate

I promised not to enter this discussion any more, but this can't pass.

> After all "Debian", "Redhat", "SuSe" and other
> distributions of Linux are not everywhere free of charge.  They are
> sold in stores just as are other commercial products.

The question is libre vs. proprietary, not free-of-charge vs. costly.

If this basic concept is still obscure to the LDP, so obscure that we
hear core-team members stating that redhat-packaged software is not
free, and LDP authors replying "yes, none of them are free", then I
don't see much future for LDP.

Maybe I should just unsubscribe and let the list confuse free speech
with free beer and try to compare free software with free
hardware. After all, I'm not an author any more.

Please remove the "Visual-bell" and "lilo" mini-howtos or move them to
unmaintained. They are obsolete and the new maintainers that took them
over by private agreement with me didn't ever publish an update. I
told the core team about that in private but nothing happened yet.


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