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Re: Feedback about PDF/PS sizes

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Dan Scott wrote:

> To deviate slightly from Ross's original request, I would suggest using the
> "universal" size option for future PS/PDF creation. This produces a size that
> is neither too wide for A4 paper (8.27"), nor too long for letter (11"). I've
> had a bit of experience distributing PDF's for a commercial organization, and
> you get bitterness if you choose one or the other size. Once you drop down
> to dimensions that work for both letter and A4, everyone's happy (that is to
> say, no-one notices).

A4 is 21 cm width. Using 8" width by 11" height as the virtual page would
be printable on most common paper sizes.

Making the PS files scalable would also allow to print booklets with
pstools. I know the sgml-tools can make such a file and I made some
booklets on A5 by printing the proper pages on the proper spot but that is
something that the pstools can take care off.


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