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comp.os.linux.answers problems

As you all have heard there was a plan to restart traffic by the LDP
on the newsgroup news:comp.os.linux.announce some time ago. Nothing
has appeared. Several of us have attempted on a number of occations
to send material and also to contact the newsgroup moderator
mailto:linux-answers@news.ornl.gov to no avail.

When I dicovered Linux Journal had been posting regularly I also tried
to contact the editor who made the post ( mailto:darcy@ssc.com )
again with no result.

And now I dicovered Linux Journal has again made a successful posting
to this very newsgroup so it has to work, at least for some. It seems
I have explored all avenues and have come up blank so I am therefore
asking this list at large: does anyone here know how to get in contact
with the moderator?

   Stein Gjoen

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